Friday, February 21, 2014

Versace .. fall 2014 ... Milan Collections

OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG!!! Dio mio!  Dio mio!  Dio mio! ... quello che hai fatto?????
It is more than understandable that the stress of presenting 3 collections in 3 consecutive months is much more than nerve wracking but Donatellamommamia what have you done?? In the case of the old adage of saving the best for last, well it is just the opposite this time around.

I have devoted a lot of negative thoughts to past collections but this time, Ms. Versace has just surpassed herself and presented a collection that is the nadir of the brand. It is one thing to show clothes that might not get gel with one’s sense of style but it is quite another thing to show clothes that are not only tacky but look cheaply made as well. If not the  for the few tailored pieces, this is a collection that surely looks like a reject from H&M and headed straight to Forever 21.

In unfortunate moments like this, not even I care to take the obvious jabs and pot shots at these clothes as it is just far too simple and far far too sad. One can honestly say that this is not the legacy that Gianni had in mind for his brand. When he designed, the collections maybe have been brash and maybe even abrasive to your esthetic sense but this is just a joke, a horribly bad joke perpetrated by Donatellamommamia who needs to walk away and hope that someone can salvage the damage she has done.

Yes the collection is dialed down as is the wont of the season thus far but hell, this is a disaster and anyone who says otherwise is pandering or blind. There is far too much talent out there to allow a collection like this to ever hit a runway under any label. 

Say ciao Donatellamommamia it is time for you to go!!