Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Oscar de la Renta Fall 2014 New York Collections

In a business obsessed with trend, change, the newest the latest and the greatest, there is Oscar de la Renta who somehow defies all the pundits and their meaningless rhetoric. He is the “old school” designer who embodies all that was once the New York Collections; he is at all times polished, slick, urbane, soigne, classy, elegant and tasteful! Trust me when I say there is nothing derogatory about this statement of facts. He reminds us that we once possessed greatness through output and not hype.

Kudos to OdlR for crediting the “school” of Oscar (design studio) on his program as there isn’t another designer who ever wants to share the spotlight with an assitant let alone those who actually design the collection; yes I said it, very few designers today actually design their eponymous collections especially those who are the name behind a mega brand… what we have here is a man who is, at lack of a better series of words ... world class classy!

Oscar manages to bring all the “old school” (heritage) elements to the runway and yet one never feels that they have stepped back in time. He could care less about PETA so the fur flies unapologetically.  Yes, he actually presents as always... day, cocktail and evening … the way it was done for generations and almost disappeared when  lost out to the shuffle of fashion in search of modernity. Take a lesson from a master not an amateur. Pinstripes, flannel, leather, prints, lace and satin all cohabitate in the world of Oscar and in the most harmonious way. Points in case are the pinstripe puffer, the leather stock tie neck 7/8 coat and even a nod to Charles James. Make no mistake, the collection encapsulates the DNA and the Oscar dictionary of fashion.

This reviewer needn’t justify or evaluate a collection like this for  if the viewer cannot appreciate its worth and place in the fashion Olympics,  then the viewer is in the wrong business or needs to change their focus , let’s say like to fast fashion or the blah blah blah school of top tier fashion.

If there is anything negative to be said about fall 2014, I might question the bubble skirts which looked almost rigid and the black and white sporty group which looked a bit sketchy... take that literally and figuratively. After that …….. 

BRAVO Oscar de la Renta and thank you in every language for reminding us that New York still possesses marquee talent! **** Of the variety that the media recognizes*****

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