Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Michael Kors Fall 2014 New York Collections

After the misstep of pre fall 2104 Michael Kors is on the road to redemption ... well sort of anyway. Discussing Fall for men’s would only cause me to lose control as using socked feet in Birkenstocks with a puffer coat is, well… offensive. I understand that that now MK is a literal billionaire which means town cars and drivers but we lesser folk navigate streets and crosswalks in snow, hence that footwear is laughable, but I digress.

Fall 2014 is an ode to lots of inspirations and colleagues of the past. One would not have to stretch their imagination to see YSL, Perry Ellis, Ralph Lauren, J.Crew, Chloe, a nod to Prada and Celine. Then there is a most obvious nod to tiered skirts and gypsy/peasant tops along with those flowing georgettes. Guess who?? As a total, the look is highly generic and a departure from the slick looks that built the empire of Michael Kors.

My problem is that it doesn’t have the usual polish of Michael Kors, the ads are always so wonderfully crisp with essences of Euro and all American perfection and then we have these collections that look like who did it and ran. There is this dishabille element or maybe it is just this very forced off handed casualness that goes against everything I visualize bout the brand. In essence, the whole thing lacks the usual polish of his past collections.

I guess this can all be attributed to expectations and that is simply... never expected and never be disappointed. Was the collection ghastly? … No but it certainly wasn’t anything to write home about. I am sure I will be taken to task with my evaluation but the proof is at retail and not in my words. I just wish he would go back to thinking about Babe, Jackie, Nan and Gloria …they would never understand this or want it as they bought it the first time around.

PS.. I was once asked what it might take for me to look more favorably upon a collection, my reply was simply … beautiful clothes  and then you would think an  invite to a show might be a lovely gesture as well !