Sunday, February 23, 2014

Salvatore Ferragamo fall 2014 Milan Collections

Rarely does reality live up to expectation, but today that rare moment came to pass. Massimiliano Giornetti lived up to what has always been known about him and that is he is a world class designer. It is my experience that when designers don’t try to be trendy and hot and they focus on their strengths, the end result is usually something that demands attention.

the Italian runways and that is wearable salable clothes. While the edict is clear, many designers are either not sure what that means or are unable to deliver the goods. Signor Giornetti not only gets it... he truly presented a modern 21 century collection that includes all the DNA he has built since taking the helm a few a years ago and he did it with a collection that makes its point quickly and moves on.

 It is well known he is a fabric freak and it is well known he has the taste and abilities that it takes to show that wearable, inviting, ageless  and salable do no equate with boring and tired. These clothes are fresh, inspired and worthy of note. No matter what the pundits may say, I stick to my gungs here and will continue my adulation for this man. I am sure there is some back story for inspiration etc. but once again it can be said that thee clothes speak for themselves and are not in need of the blah blah blah. 

High points here are the “ikatish” leopard pieces, the leather renderings, the ease of shape, and the all over soigne tone of the collection. A HUGE favorite is that cardigan croco coat that is in my estimation, the height of chic. Basically, to me, this is a collection that spells out success on every level

Grazie mille and Bravo to you Signor Giornetti for delivering a high point of the collections so far.  I have the greatest confidence that it will be repeated season after season henceforth.

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