Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Angelos Bratis Spring 2015 Milan Collections

To be tapped by Giorgio Armani to show under his roof is an honor. Apparently this honor might have an ulterior motive. The rumor has been bandied about is that Angelos Bratis might be in line to succeed Signor Armani upon retirement.

Mr. Bratis is a graduate of Vionnet and Cavalli and has since created clothes that appear to be soft, draped or well-tailored but conceal an intricacy of construction. Clearly designing and manufacturing in such a manner takes great skill and a very deft sure hand. If the rumor or prophecy of him succeeding Armani is true then it is not a stretch of the imagination although it would be hard to come close to the tailoring skills and design capabilities of Armani. What Bratis brings to the table is his dresses and that is something that Mr. Armani has never been. No doubt in my mind that the Armani design team has created the success of Prive as well as the brand’s growth with in the category of dresses.

Bratis offers a beautifully clean collection of dresses that intrigues the viewer because he opts to barely accessorize and the clothes seem to have an ethereal quality to them. What happens here is that you MUST look at the clothes as there are no bells and whistles to distract. The solid and color blocked collection is to a great degree safe but not boring. The clothes appear to be beautifully made and no question that the construction here is key. So no, this will not set the world on fire but then again, there is little to find fault with and in today’s day and age that is an asset. Modern without being minimal, feminine without being de trop and OMG that dirty word...salable!

So let’s hear what your thoughts are... But keep an eye open for this guy!

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