Friday, September 5, 2014

Jason Wu for Spring 2015

If the definition of sui generis is being the one or ones of a class with no other members; then Jason Wu for Spring 2015 showed just the opposite. From what has already been shown, the emerging trend is toward wearable clothes that have no distinguishing traits and lots of “Armani” neutrals.

What started out very promisingly with the camouflage type print devolved into a collection that is generic, somewhat boring and vague due to overused references. Jason Wu has always had some bad girl vibe running thru a collection but today the only naughty girls you saw was one in black leather or in a very deep plunging neck gown. Can we talk here?

If the only stars of the show were bugle beaded dresses that were at the same time generic, been there done that and oddly sexy, well I think there needs to be a reassessment of “who is Jason Wu?” as far as can be seen here there is nothing here to write home about nor anything to really talk about. Oh and a lot of very bad shoes!

Apparently, fashion is taking a turn backwards and designers are being misled into believing that boring is better and stepping out only causes attention. Once again, where are the “designers who design?”

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