Sunday, September 28, 2014

Jean Paul Gaultier Spring 2015 Paris

It is safe to say that Monsieur Gaultier threw himself one helluva going away party. Well... sort of going away as he is really only leaving the RTW arena of fashion and focusing on Haute Couture and custom made.

What a swell party it was... to quote a few lyrics... there was camp,  trash, superheroes, athletes, beauty queens, Gaultier Goddesses and an amazing array of greatest hits that are all part of the Gaultier DNA and vocabulary. One of the very first things ever told to me about JPG was to remember he was always a tailor first and that’s exactly what he so heavily focused on throughout this raucous presentation. Impeccable exacting tailoring that is and was so amazingly twisted and molded to fit what has become a trademark for Gaultier.

In my opinion this is the way he should go out... on a high note of celebration with dancing and laughing and good times as that is what he gave all of us for so many years. No matter if we loved the collection or didn’t, Jean Paul Gaultier was one of the great showmen of fashion and he sure as hell gave us our money’s worth season after season.

There is no point in really dissecting the collection other than to say this will be the last time anyone can grab a piece of an era unless of course you manage to score a piece of what will become highly coveted   vintage Gaultier. Anyone with any history in this business will testify to Gaultier’s influence and participation in what made fashion great entertainment as well as perpetuating the question of “Is fashion an art form?” To my eyes he elevated the business of fashion to places it never dreamed it could occupy. He was a pioneer who along with the likes of Mugler and Montana and Alaia really brought Paris into a new era of fashion for the 20th century!

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