Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Gareth Pugh ... Spring 2015 ... Paris

Can we talk here? Gareth Pugh can save all his inspirations and exclamation when it comes to his clothes as they speak for themselves... Well possibly in a language that we don’t always understand. Nevertheless Mr. Pugh is a designer who designs and does so unapologetically and with the greatest of skill and talent.

The clothes command your attention from the very start and they leave you shaking your head in amazement. He offers so many possibilities and opportunities to contemplate what you are seeing. To some these may be fit for a museum but Mr. Pugh has come a long way from his phantasmagorical beginnings as these clothes are to be worn rather than just studied and adored. Don’t get me wrong these are not run to the supermarket or pick up the kids at school clothes but they are clothes of note, they demand further attention...  they command to be seen as Mr. Pugh presented a strong case for the concept that fashion is an art.

No matter what you may think, these are exquisitely conceived and constructed and will only be worn by either those who know, appreciate and understand these clothes or by the flash bulb hungry crowd. In that sea of sameness Gareth Pugh is a beacon of hope that more young designers will rise above the unworthy and the much less talented.

PS these clothes are not about trend nor are they really about fashion as we normally see it, these clothes are fantasies come to life and certainly step to the head of class when compared to the output of so many who think they are of equal caliber. And one last thing.. this is the man who should be at the helm of Balenciaga not the boy of no wonder!

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