Friday, September 5, 2014

Tomas Maier .. spring 2015

Today we speak of simple! No tricks, no deception, what you see is what you get simple! Simply said the new eponymous collection by Tomas Maier is simply simple aka quite generic. It would be a lie to say that there aren’t very chic understated moments here but they translate chic and stylish because you know the origins.

The collection sis extremely wearable, extremely “digestible” but also extremely run of the mill and well... simple! We all know that Mr. Maier is of design royalty who rules over the kingdom of deceptively simple and modern but here alas what you see is what you get and it hardly is reason to raise a flag and rejoice. There is a somewhat retro-ish feel to it with its dirndl skirts,  pedal pushers, pointy flats and rolled up cap/cigarette sleeves which all would have been somewhat campy and fun if these clothes were priced within the realm of H&M and Zara but alas they are Neimans, Bergdorf’s, Barneys priced and therein lies the fly in the ointment.

Yes the reviewer is cognizant of the fact that there are women who exist or existed who have had their gardening togs made to measure by the likes of Balenciaga, Givenchy and Charles James but it is hard to believe that any of their “relatives” will be flocking to scoop up these clothes by the armload.

Bottom line here is, well... simply... The clothes are fine, even pretty but my take is this... who cares? 

Oh yeah.. the colors are nice.

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