Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Oscar de la Renta Spring 2015

Before any more is said this must be stated; Oscar loves women!! So he borrowed the flower wall from YSL... who cares? If you came to see a collection of clothes, well then you got to see how a master does it.

If this review was done strictly with hashtags it might read something like this #style #chic #soigne #feminine #lace #checks #florals #pastels #Oscar #NYFW #spring15 .…  and that’s a tease!

No question about it, Oscar provided a much need dose of what fashion is all about. He glorifies women and strives to make them more feminine and more fashionable while always recalling the roots of what traditional Spring collections looked like.

We have pastels and spectators and checks and lace and a modern way to look at and use broderie anglaise. The shapes were simple for the most part and 2 outstanding pieces were 2 columns that barely skimmed the body and then there was a cavalcade of Oscar favorites. Why is it that he can show the same shape for repeated seasons and they never get old or look tired?

Here’s a concept ... day wear... lunch/cocktail dresses and gowns … mmm… yes that’s the way it is supposed to be if you offer a true collection and not just a pile of clothes and call it a collection. He spans the classifications as much as he spans his clientele. Oscar is mother and daughter and maybe even beyond that generationally.

The bottom line is simply that there is very little to find fault with and lots to see here. While you may not be an Oscar fan, you must admit that Oscar scores mighty high on the how to design a wearable, commercial collection that has broad appeal and more than meets the requirements for a total seasonal collection!!!!! This man has successfully bridged millenniums and survived the fashion wars with flying colors and he continues each and every season putting all those yapping young’uns to shame.

PS .. who was it who said dyed to  match shoes were on the horizon? moi?? 

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