Sunday, September 7, 2014

Christian Siriano spring 2015

In that sea of sameness that has become NYFW, there is an unlikely contender for outstanding achievement in a seasonal collection and that would be Christian Siriano.  Isn’t it strange that the kid who everyone thought was this mad queen is turning out to be the cream of the crop?

The offering for Spring 2015 is at all times quite sophisticated and pretty damned tasty. Yes there are some major clunkers within but there are some major stunners that would rank amongst the best of the best. Mr. Siriano belies his youth as he seems to out shine many of his peers by grasping the fact that this is a business that is all about selling clothes and not only about gaining  a nod from some ill-educated, advertising hungry,  or underexposed  critic or editor.

It is apparent that this designer is “auditioning” styles in an effort to expand his audience and as we all know if you don’t try you just never know. Daywear is slowly but surely gaining traction and the evening clothes demonstrate a very sure hand as well as an esthetic that goes beyond his work experience. The point here is that Mr. Siriano is joining that elite club of designers who design, he experiments, he tweaks, he massages and he is winning.

There is great variety of fabrication and even with his blah blah blah, the clothes speak for themselves. As stated, they may not be everybody’s cup of tea but in my mind 1 of Mr. Siriano wins out over 10 of the more hyped and supposedly talented media darlings and their overrated collections.

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