Friday, September 19, 2014

International fashion & style; Versace.. MFW ..spring 2015

Donatellamommamia... che cosa hai fatto?? whatchoo do?? Just when you think she needs to toss in the towel and quit beating that dead horse she beats season after season, she manages to pull one out of the hat. Today she pulls out a winner!

With nods to Courreges and Cardin, Signora churned out a collection that is 21st century Versace without destroying the DNA of the brand. To these eyes, this collection epitomizes what can be done when one has laser focus and pinpoint vision! The palette, the silhouettes, the tailoring, the incredible laser cut leathers are all there including some of the ever present Versace, the real Versace, vocabulary. 

One of my least favorite things was the prints which left me unmoved and then of course there was the glitzy razzle dazzle finale of typical Donatellamommamia creations of less than what one might call good taste.

What has really crossed my mind here is that that Signor Vaccarello had a hand I this collection. The extrapolation of Gianni Versace as a brand is far beyond the design reach of the Signora unless her meds have been adjusted. Standout pieces were the entire opening sequence in black, the white suit and dress with large eyelets threaded in print and the intricately patterned laser cut leathers.  Heading down the list was the swaths of bold color and then of course that she made maille look like nickel a mile looking metallic that surely could have been replaced by something that didn’t look as stiff and as cheap.

PS and to her credit even the shoes were better and more restrained than usual!

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