Monday, September 29, 2014


Apparently Donatellamommamia and Hedi have something in common. Yes kids, it is that dead horse they keep beating, actually it is 2 separate dead horses they continually beat.

Hedi who could give Barbie and Mattel a run for their money making doll clothes also can’t and  I am guessing won’t be letting go of the 60’s and 70’s anytime soon. Frankly it is boring. What makes it all the more boring is the heroin chic models with smudged eyes that show off these rags while wearing clumsy heavy looking platform shoes with good sturdy fat heels.

This season we are introduced to handkerchief points, some Jodi Foster Taxi Cab looks and stars and then we are back to shrunken $3000 jackets and heavily beaded tunics cum dresses, , some LBD’s all accessorized further by ratty hats and rattier scarves BUT who’s paying attention. Leopard print check,  motorcycle jackets check, studs check, hats check, skin tight pants, plenty of price upon request items and all the other so called signatures that “Mr. caught in a time warp” has employed over and over again under the guise of the NEW Saint Laurent signatures ... you know the one without the Yves!

Here’s the deal if you like this sort of thing that’s great... enjoy if you can afford to drink the Kool Aid and if not line up behind me who has already lived this and it was better but more well executed then and a lot cheaper.

By the way, Mr. Slimane certainly adheres to the dictum of sticking to your vision and building a brand identity …  tired as it may be.

Please spare me the references of the chubby, the pinstripes and the smokings!

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