Thursday, September 11, 2014

Delpozo by Josep Font ..Spring 2015 ..NYFW

At one time or another there has always been the discussion as to whether or not fashion is art  and today we might be able to put the topic to rest with Delpozo for Spring 2015. This reviewer has always cast a wary eye on this collection but now is convinced that Josep Font shows the world of fashion that he does take fashion to a new level and turns it to an art.

After viewing this collection my mind wandered off to Capucci, Rucci and even Cardin at his height. To say that construction, fantasy, technical prowess and imagination are key factors in this collection. It is   akin to saying that the Burg Dubai to just an office tower as they both possess these inherent qualities. Without any of that, the collection would just be another pile and so would that building!

Delpozo utilizes its flawless abilities to render a collection that looks as if it has been made by super human hands; the execution is practically without equal and the premise of the collection challenges conventional fashion intelligence. The proportion, the volumes,  the workmanship, they all offer the viewer a rare opportunity to see what happens when only the best is applied to the simple business of selling clothes.

In my head Josep Font creates a collection and shows Miuccia Prada what she could have done had she the insight and the abilities. This is a more wearable Prada and a more cerebral approach to what fashion can be when a divergent path is taken. As this collection continues, the ‘wearable’ factor has been increasing while never abandoning the DNA of the brand.

Don’t get me wrong this is not a collection that has universal appeal but the most seasoned minds of fashion must admit that Delpozo gives you food for thought and the chance to see fashion in a new perspective!

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