Thursday, September 25, 2014

Lanvin by Alber Elbaz .. Paris ..spring 2015

Well, here’s the deal. From the first exit till about midway into the show, you might have been convinced that Alber has returned to clothes that that were wearable covetable albeit not as sexy as they once were. Then as if by magic, he began an abrupt and rather sudden change of direction. It was as if he proceeded to show a second collection that veered far afield from where he started.

The opening half was all about dresses and sexy skirts and a variety of shapes that might have adhered to the wearable clothes principle that has been surfacing within many collections. And then it happened, it was as if Alber had prepared an alternate collection of lace and prints gone mad. To say it was a harsh change is to be a master of understatement. To say that the esthetic is 180 degree turn is an understatement as well. To say that it made little or no sense, well in my eyes... it made not a lick of sense and sort of took away from what was believable and salable. Having seen a Lanvin department in Bergdorf’s that was overflowing with merchandise, my inclination is to say he should have stayed with wearable and laid off the absurd stuff.

My instinct tells me that there are not a lot of women who will want stags running across their bodies and lace dresses that look like they were assembled from cutting room scraps but who knows? In all, this has to be seen as a very odd and disturbing collection for the house. This designer is far more capable than this collection would evidence.

PS what also needs to be said here is the collection looked ill-fitting and some pieces as if they were dragged out of a trunk and never pressed.. There were some very off putting occurrences during this collection.

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