Thursday, September 11, 2014


Nicole and Matthew are off on another adventure and journey but they want to take you along with them. Today begins their collective fashion journey with HANLEY MELLON. This first collection is inspired by their visit to Kenya. If you are familiar with the topography of the country then you already know of the Kenyan lay of the land and thus you know why they chose the setting for their premiere presentation. 

Set in those grasslands of Kenya you find “souvenirs” or reminders of their travels; the colors, the patterns, the beading and yes you can feel the heat of the days and cool of the nights. There are cottons, knits, leathers, suedes, silks and jerseys ... all of them accented with indigenous bead work. The silhouette is slim; the look is uncontrived and relaxed. Whether you are on an urban safari every day or in a luxury yurt after a day of Kenyan safari, you are sure to grasp the appeal of HANLEY MELLON.

If you know Nicole, you already know that she is an independent thinker when it comes to fashion. She is her own brand of chic and possesses an almost “comme il faut” mindset when it comes to assembling her own turnouts so why should this be any different? HANLEY MELLON breaks the mold of conventional thinking and takes you on their own personal travels.

Expect the unexpected, jump on board and get ready to see the world through the eyes of Matthew and Nicole Mellon.

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