Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Gucci.. Milan Collections ..spring 2015

Well as Penny from Big Bang would say “holy crap on a cracker!”  What was that?
Well … YIKES! Might be an apt descriptor here as this was a collection that might go down in the books as WTF were you thinking Frida? 

Yes there was a distinct Asian Japanese influence which may or may not have worked but my eyes were way too distracted by so much that was going on. The lacing which was not very pretty at Dior certainly won’t win any awards here and then there was this issue of why would you show a spring collection with mostly boots? For that matter why would you show so many ratty tatty fur pieces for spring and those wildly unattractive high water sailor pants whose faults were only enhanced by the huge buttons, loose fit and the cuffs. Why even she opted to wear then longer when she took her bow...although who can be sure what she was bowing for!

On the positive there were incredible works of art such as the broderie anglaise looking leather, just too bad it was in dark green... which brings me to the autumnal palette... why? Then there was the denim which might be a great idea had it not been so tortured and stiff looking except maybe for one or 2 pieces. There are just too many moments that cause head shaking here. In some instances there was so much going on between the prints, embroideries and beading and the lacing and the furs you didn’t know what to look at first. Well, the bags looked great and certainly a lot better than the clothes.

The whole process is slowly but surely growing into a matter of whatever sticks the wall... there is no news here unless that’s the point... bad taste sells! The Gucci woman has already exhausted every look possible so now we revisit what didn’t work the first time and make it worse.

No wonder there is a rumor floating about next year….mmmmmmm

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