Thursday, September 11, 2014

Ralph Lauren spring 2015

I would have to be blind not to see that one more time Ralph Lauren has done it! The collection is pretty freaking amazing... again!

It needs to be said over and over and it is truer than true... the man never really goes on a limb, never re invents the wheel and yet every season he seems to raise the bar for himself and shows the naysayers that he is all about fashion in every way .

So my observations are these: the season is all about pairings, whether it is color combinations or fabric combinations. Let’s talk matte and shiny, silk and suede, georgette and leather, khaki and olive drab with crayons brights and the list goes on and on and on! 

We can talk proportions from fit and flair to reed slim, from the simplest tee shirt dress to the most over the top gown complete with jeweled neckline, there is a seemingly endless variety of jackets whether they be safarienne, flight/pilot jackets, blazers or who cares the names as long as they are all there. 

The point is simply this ... no matter what the blah blah blah of this collection might be it is inconsequential to the outcome which is head and should about 90% of what is shown each season on the runways of NYFW and probably in any fashion capital of the world. While the so called cerebral designers are cogitating and trying to reinvent the wheel, we offer up Ralph Lauren.

Basically there is no more to say as this is a collection that speaks for itself ... it is unapologetic and as straight forward as you  can get.. Take it or leave it! Me?? I’ll take it any day … every day... You can have the boys who only think they know what fashion is about!

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