Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Balenciaga.. Paris ..spring 2015

Mission accomplished! Any recognition or resemblance to the eponymous name of this collection has been eradicated and obliterated. This might as well be called Wang of Paris. How sad that this fledgling designer, and that’s what he is or rather this designer of contemporary sportswear has managed to defame a name that at one time struck its viewers with awe and wonder. What a sad commentary that Kering has decided to allow a heritage name to be completely destroyed and disgraced. 

One can be sure there is some bizarre and convoluted explanation which bears no resemblance to the clothes but even if it did these clothes are laughable when marketed under the name Balenciaga, that  is not to say they would be a winner under any name, least of all this one. This dead horse has been beaten by me for quite a few seasons, and it disappoints me greatly as it was my first impression that Wang really might have been able to catapult the brand into the 21st century by using the brands inherent DNA and really turn himself into s serious designer whose talents needed to be reckoned with.
Now it is just one more pile of rags to go along with countless others that have no true identity even if the media and press will ooh and aah and wet themselves one more time over the emperor’s new clothes. It is a wonder how they can sleep at night writing such drivel and trying to convince readers that in fact this is the latest and greatest but then again they dance around the clothes and discuss front rows and venue and inspirations. As with so many things in the world today, we seem to be experiencing sameness or malaise whether it is politics, fashion or even sports. There seem to be universal afflictions within all those areas of our lives and times.

We have spousal abuse in sports and terrorism and splinter radicals in politics and then we have sameness or seemingly universal design studios and the refusal to honor eponymous names of famed heritage brands in fashion. Even in these times when fashion needs a dose of reality, there seems to be only a few who are capable of heeding the call and supplying consumers with beautifully made, well designed and truly modern clothes. Mr. Wang is certainly not one of the blessed ones.

PS ... Weren’t you reminded of that stretchy stuff they slip over fruit I the produce section that prevents bruising and the enlarger mesh of basketball shorts.. very high fashion oui???

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