Saturday, September 13, 2014

NYFW the fashion follies .. part 2.. spring 2015

Can we talk here? It has been said that these are directional collections. It has been said that these designers are redefining fashion. We all know that these media darlings and “teacher’s pets” can do no wrong but is that really the truth? Is that really even close to the facts or is the media playing with our heads in hopes of total brainwashing?

For me it is about brainwashing. In hopes that the reader will or viewer will actually be gullible enough to believe this kind of press, we read the same blind accolades season after season about the same designers and we have only just begun the seasonal cycle.

If one was to believe what one reads then wouldn’t one actually see people wearing these supposedly fabulous frocks? Wouldn’t there be minimal end of season clearances if these wonders were in fact tantalizing and being scooped up the fashion buying public? Why don’t we ever hear about the brands/designers who actually sell out and keep stores afloat when all else, meaning the HYPED are languishing on a rack? The heroes are never spoken of; it is only the fallen that are lauded!

So it must be time to name names and say a few words about the latest chapters of the Emperor’s New Clothes. Here goes, we have Marc who ……. Next up is the team of Pro-Schul, surely you know them, who ………. Now, while we are speaking of pairs let’s talk about the California schvesters who think they are designer………. Back to singles now and back to the 50s with Mikey K…………………. Then there is CK or really it is FC who …. This review can be completed with your reactions and thoughts. .. feel free to fill in the blanks .

So gang, it is up to you what do you think? Are you buying what they’re selling whether it be on a page or screen or on the retail floor? Are you drinking the Kool Aid?

Me? Well, my main thought is that there has to be something better than what they’re trying to jam down everyone’s collective throat as to this is how fashion is supposed to be.

o me it’s sort of like saying that Terry Richardson is the best evah!

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