Thursday, September 4, 2014

Halston Heritage .. Spring 2015

Apparently there is something that came of the debacle that once was the revival of the Halston brand. Well yes maybe make that several... shedding the no talents of Ms. Parker and Ms. Mellon was the first and now apparently there is a designer in residence who might understand the Halston esthetic.

From the look of it, Marie Mazelis has certainly captured much of who and what Roy Frowick was all about especially when it comes to dresses and the deceptive ease of those dresses; the lightness, the shape, the patterning and of course the materials and silhouettes. It is far more difficult to capture what Halston did for daywear and sportswear as he was still all about ease and softness and a very casual soigne approach as exemplified by his stellar list of clients ... Babe Paley and Jackie O to name a couple.

Anyone who ever walked into the shop on Madison was first assaulted by the wall of cashmere separates that were all part of what made Halston who he was. My question is simply can that be accomplished in this collection or is it even necessary to pursue that segment of his own particular genius.

At any rate it is so gratifying to see that something rise from the ashes of that initial disaster, something akin to a Phoenix, and now if things moves on a smoother path, there will be a brand that honors and respects the DNA of its eponymous designer rather than tossing it aside in favor of some trendoid pile of useless clothes. Yes shock of shocks, a collection of clothes that looks like they might be worn and that women of many ages will look good in!

PS  it isn’t much of a stretch to imagine Karen, Alva and Pat parading down a run in many of these pieces

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