Sunday, September 21, 2014

Salvatore Massimiliano Giornetti . MFW ..spring 2015

Massimiliano Giornetti took a turn for Spring 2015 and he was heading for reached a clean and simplified take for Ferragamo. There was very little high drama and certainly bot a lot of the high fashion tricks that he has employed in past seasons. What was left is a beautifully wearable and inviting collection.

Mr. Giornetti made excellent use of his artisans with the fringed pieces and gave a new life to the usually staid and classic scarf prints of times gone by. The palette was soft and not washed out and the yellow looked quite fresh. It was amusing to actually see a real Spring Coat which is something of times gone by but these eyes were a bit thrown by an oversized belted and bell sleeved top/jacket that appeared several times. Please note that there were plenty of dresses for his ladies and all quite easy to wear without being dowdy or overly bland. The best way to express this is that the collection was well edited, tight, commercial and wearable. Havens all those dirty words all in a row!! My issue is with that below the knee length which disturbs my sense of proportion even though it is a fact that the length is very popular among clients.

As seems to be an unspoken rule this season in Milan, the clothes are minimally accessorized despite this brand’s huge dependence on shoe and bags. That being said, the shoes actually looked comfortable and covetable for women and they offered a stature that might be required to wear some of the dresses. 

This brings me to the point that the collection was very dress-centric which in my eyes is a good thing on many levels but surely could have been better if there some more sleeves and less cut  away halter necklines. What was interesting is that when it came to evening, the dresses looked much more relaxed and causal rather than red carpet ready and again my eyes, this is a smart move.

So here  is the skinny; no this was not  as fabulous as Mr. Giornetti’s Riviera collection of years gone by and one of my most favorite but there is little to find fault with here as the simplicity  is welcome and the clothes are far afield from boring. Grande lavoro Massimiliano!

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