Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Georgine .. spring 2015

What I love about this collection is that there is a discernible theme and that anyone who has a knowledge about fashion, style, movies and photography can see this in an instant. Ms. Ratelband recalls days gone and places that might have lost some of their luster by now but the collection remains filled with glamorous references and a mood that makes one dream of what might be or what has been .

No question this is To Catch a Thief, Talitha Getty, Cap d’Antibes, Cole Porter, the Hotel du Cap and the Croisette. From the ethereal chiffons to liquid gold to the wrapped and turbaned heads, one can imagine what life would have been like or what it might be like if you participated in this lifestyle. There is a louche quality about the clothes as well as yes, a retro side to them, but they are very much of this moment and not vulgar in the least. One can almost see Grace Kelly in them and yet one might also imagine what Helmut Newton or Diana Vreeland would have done with them.

Here’s my conundrum, there is very little that says this is a full collection other than the resort/beach wear. Yes, no question, there are some exquisite pieces that could hang with the best of them but the inspiration has sort of taken over and left the merchandising in the dust. It is understandable when a collection like takes shape and takes on a life of its own. It would have been divine if Ms. Ratelband had added some short dress, whether dressy or day, and for sure it would have really put this collection over the top if there were some evening pieces to be sisters to the superb caftans.

Bottom line is that there is a huge soigne and sophisticated thread that binds the Georgine collections together, but now they need to be a continuing story rather than isolated instances, if you catch my drift… a cohesive quality! The collections should look resemble each as in recognizable and there is great potential for that to happen if the merchandising is harnessed properly. This is a designer to keep your eye on as her moment is coming sooner than later.

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