Saturday, September 6, 2014

Monique Lhuillier spring 2015 NYFW

Here’s the deal: this California designer earned her stripes as a wedding gown designer first and then branched out into full collection several years ago. She has made a name for herself doing exquisite evening and cocktail pieces that are generally beyond the pale. Then came Spring 2015!

The recipe here is a dash of Oscar, un poco de Delpozo, un peu de Raf,  a soupcon of Balenciaga,  not enough Monique and presto you have this season’s selections. It must be acknowledged that there were maybe 6-10 stunners that live up to the designer’s reputation and then there was the rest.

Suffice it to say that there was some exquisite embroidery work, some beautiful fabrics and some pretty colorations (watercolor stripings) but there surely wasn’t any sizzle here. ... candy wrapper metallics!! Really girl!! Spring is always a difficult season on so many levels but one really has to stand back and honestly assess a collection or else you end up with a very derivative collection that might tarnish your title as designer.

PS.. one might want to take a long look at Elie Saab as he is surely up to the task!

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