Saturday, September 15, 2012

ISSA Spring 2013 London Collections

I have to say that this is a collection that surely has made a lasting impression on me.  Yes, I first came to know it via Kate Middleton as the brand seems to be a favorite of hers and now it is plain to see that this could be a brand for so many women who want pretty wearable Spring clothes.

The collection could have easily gone awry from the very start with the print used in the first exit, but Ms. Issa very skillfully chose the silhouettes that incorporated her prints.  The prints whether Japanese or Matisse influenced are colorful and seemingly very appealing even though any print can become a bone of contention in the retail sweepstakes.  The collection has a wide variety of silhouettes and most of them strike a very chic note while few seem a bit more common and unappealing.

The collection can certainly be deemed colorful and I am very positive that the Duchess of Cambridge will be wearing some of these pieces sooner than Spring 2013. Even though the close to the busy shapes are quite attractive, the looser more flowing pieces have equal appeal and I must  say that there are very very few collection where I find orange appealing, but Ms. Issa has convinced me otherwise.

There is a very long and prosperous future ahead for a designer of this caliber and smarts!

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