Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Thom Browne Spring 2013 New York Collections

One gets the idea that there will never come a time that Mr. Browne presents a collection that will be consumer friendly … at least on the runway. With that in mind, he is becoming one of the great showmen of fashion. I can honestly admit that with this current collection there is a level of craftsmanship and technology that ranks among the top tier of designers. Scary even for me to say, that for one of the rare times, actually maybe the first time, that I can find pieces that might be worn by real people and just maybe that is influenced by the fact that I know he designed one of the dresses that Mrs. Obama wore during DNC. Given the visual overload and the theatrics of the presentation, the wearable pieces require surgical dissection when see in this manner, but they are there! I am awed by the construction of the pieces but I am far from slack jawed from the design … maybe even a bit frightened by a mind that can conjure such concoctions, but then again, some of the Japanese designers have been doing this for years. One can only wonder if Mr. Browne is slowly morphing or evolving toward a slightly, and I stress slightly, more commercial side to his vision. P.S. why is it necessary to supply all the blah blah blah AGAIN … this is about clothes …selling clothes… buying clothes … This is not psych1 or even a Grad level design course … this is real life fashion that needs to be addressed!

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