Monday, September 24, 2012

Giorgio Armani Spring 2013 Milan Collections

Well I guess it must be true that the best is saved for last, well almost last! Giorgio Armani is on top of his game, the top of the heap and the ne plus ultra of all those in Milan. Cavalli may have called him the little king, but surely he is an Emperor as he ruled the Milanese runways for Spring 2013.
The huge uncharacteristically large Spring collection was all about tailoring and not the razor sharp tailoring but the soft tailoring that Mr. Armani invented and never gave up. The clothes are seemingly afloat on the runway as it they are barely touching the body and yet exquisitely molded to the body. The collection is modern, focused, in all shades of blue and will delight the Armani client.
After looking at piles and piles and clothes for almost 3 weeks now, these clothes speak to me, in fact they scream at me to such an extent that many many collections that have come before this one pale by comparison. These clothes require no blah blah blah and will be remembered far longer than the trendy get up that have been thrown at us for almost a month. Mr. Armani is one of the reasons why one remains in this business as he is a master of his craft and continually evolves so that these clothes never look tired or hackneyed.
Do not miss the opportunity to see how it is done and “it” being, create a collection that is a spectacle for the senses and actually does transcend the trends of any season! The clothes are pure Armani and contain the Armani DNA and if you cannot grasp that, then you might have stayed too long at the fair.

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