Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Gareth Pugh Spring 2013 Paris Collections

I have watched this young man since he first appeared on the fashion landscape in London and I am so pleased to be able to notice the growth of the collection, both in quantity and design.
Gareth Pugh, favored by Daphne Guinness, is a young man who will not be accused of being a slave to trend and certainly will be lauded for carving his own path in the world of fashion. Do not think that that for one second, that this collection is beyond criticism but it surely engenders great respect for a young man of his age.

Yes, I wish it wasn’t so black and yes I wanted to see more of the frayed edged pieces and yes I wanted more of the wildly layered georgettes. The opening exit was indeed an homage to Diane Pernet (Google her) which brought a smile across my face. There are references to her, YSL’s portrait collar and fringe, to fencing gear, to Latina costumes of the 40’s ( think Carmen Miranda) and possibly to Romeo Gigli but what is so delightful about the collection that oozes and exudes creative energy and originality . Mr. Pugh has grown up enough to use color to its fullest and one might even ponder whether Mr. Pugh has allowed a bit of commercialism to creep into this collection. Loosely translated, that means that women other than Daphne Guinness can wear some of these clothes to real places with even greater pride of ownership! P.S. these are no longer just editorial clothes!

Bottom line here, is that this is a collection that excites and will keep me tuned in for more as I knew from day one, that Gareth Pugh will be a force to be reckoned with some day very soon.

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