Saturday, September 8, 2012

JASON WU Spring 2013 NY Collections

Okay, so here’s the deal… did I love it ... no… did I like it... yes unequivocally! Firstly what needs to be said is that it is so hard to believe that 4 years ago this young man was just starting out as was the current first lady. Today or currently, both are starting new eras; one by choice and one by chance. Jason Wu has come a long way since the beginning and he has slowly evolved to become a top tier designer with his hubris, mastery and his god given talents. This guy has genuine talent and with each collection he continually reminds us of it. He is not afraid to test the waters, to take a chance and yet somehow he never abandons his customer totally. So, with all this being said this season he plays provocateur and he alludes the images of Helmut Newton, but there is so much here that can be dissected and remixed to create beautiful wearable clothes. Yes, there were leather bras, leather harnesses, leather aprons, suspenders and all such things but yet he teased, he “borrowed” and he invented to create outfits that bear his imprimatur. This is a guy who knows his way around a dress and a pattern, not to mention, he is no stranger to draping and construction. He owned what he presented and it was not shock for shock value! The trickery is visual and not structural and the overall look is over the top sexy yet beautiful without really ever crossing that line to garish or louche. He has emerged the winner, way ahead of his peers who started at the same time and are still trying to find themselves and define themselves as brands while this young designer has found his way and found his identity. Welcome the risk taker, much in the same vein as a Gaultier who deceives with shock! I am reasonably sure the pundits will go either of 2 ways... love and rave or hate and dismiss... My choice is love, well at least a lot of like and admiration thrown in!

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