Sunday, September 9, 2012

Victoria Beckham ..Spring 2013 New York Collections

So, one more time a “designer” has decided to broaden his or her audience and expand their body of work. And so, one more time we should be reminded that some designers need to do what they do best and stick with it and find a way to broaden their horizons another way. Ms. Beckham is known for her close to the body dresses which have enjoyed a niche appeal amongst those who can afford them and those who can wear them. I have become a fan based on that premise. As of this season, Ms. Beckham has decided to take on the role of “a me too designer” with Stella McCartney as her “inspiration;” note to Victoria, let Stella do what she does and you need to go back to the drawing boards. Shortening lengths and tightening up a silhouette with an end result that comes off as that “naughty school uniform” is not a solution. Oh, you know the look, the slap and tickle variety with the “oh daddy I have been a bad girl!” Obviously the collection would be that much more difficult to present if one sticks to one’s strong suit but let it be known that those tight sexy dresses are where it’s at for Ms. Beckham. The rest is superfluous in a world of clothes for clothes sake and her pieces just add to the pile.

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