Monday, September 17, 2012

Phillip Treacy Spring 2013 London Collections

WORD!! Chat amongst yourselves for a moment … we are in the presence of genius, brilliance and creativity on steroids!  I speak of Phillip Treacy, milliner extraordinaire, designer and confidante to those as brilliant as he. 

Wikipedia says this about him “He has designed hats for Alexander McQueen's white Haute Couture collection at Givenchy in Paris, for Karl Lagerfeld at Chanel, and for Valentino, Ralph Lauren and Donna Karan. He was awarded the title of British Accessory Designer of the Year at the British Fashion Awards on five occasions during the early 1990s.[3] The late Isabella Blow, style editor of Tatler, helped Treacy launch himself as a well-known milliner and wore many of his hats.”

I can only say that while this was presented as a fashion show during London fashion week, I prefer to call it a live exhibit of what a living talent can create when one has limitless abilities as well as the facilities to make dreams come true.  No matter what the ‘theme” of the show might have been, there is only one starring role and that is taken up these “hats” or head ornaments or millinery or why not just say works of art.

I have often stated that fashion is an art form and it is at this moment, with this review, that I can clearly and definitively say that this man proves me right.  It is one of the rare times when my merchant mentality cannot kick in because the creative side of me will allow for such pedestrian thoughts!

I salute Mr. Treacy, I salute his métier and I above all, salute a mind that knows no bounds!

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