Monday, September 10, 2012

Chado ralph Rucci Spring 2013 New York Collections

Something’s up at Chado by Ralph Rucci. I am just not quite sure what it is yet, I can’t get a read on it as of this writing. Maybe it is the color and maybe the tenseness is gone and it is manifesting itself in the clothes. My gut tells me that Mr. Rucci is sighing in relief with his new business model and he has subliminally shown this with this collection. The clothes seem a tad more relaxed, a bit less serious, this is not say that the clothes have lost their literal edge, but it is to say they just seem a skosh easier, a wee bit more playful and as previously said … way more colorful. All the signatures were present including the caftans, the fly away gowns with back split panels, the message prints and the intricacies that are only known to Mr. Rucci. I was particularly taken with the layered wrap waisted chiffon pants at the beginning as well as the encrusted beaded shirts shown with solid skirts (short and long), pants and color slashed skirts. Also standouts for me were some off white crepe pantS and jackets combinations which while being reed slim somehow gave off a softer vibe. Also very appealing to me is the streamer affect that was utilized and that the bright color combinations lifted the spirit of the clothes. What cannot be overlooked were 2 excruciatingly beautiful feather and beaded pieces as well as a “simple” graduated stripe crepe flyaway jacket. I would be extremely remiss if I didn’t single out one hot hot pink short crepe and georgette dress with dropped waist which was flawless. There were new ideas and concepts which made their first appearances such as the finely leather macramé looking cardigan jacket and the plethora of fluorescent brights which could have stolen the show but instead showed off a versatility which has remained dormant for quite some time. The color has been slowly inching its way into the collection especially with resort and now it has a full-fledged supporting role for Spring. Spring 2013 marks a new beginning perhaps and so, I believe that everyone who reads this review and looks at the slideshow will also need to view the actual show on Youtube or The show tells the story and one must see it to fully understand the story. P.S….It can’t be a Chado show without the stellar front row ladies starring Carmen Dell’Orefice who literally was megawatt star quality in a floor length Chado crepe coat with knot work in the back... the lady has grand style as she paired it with simple black pants and a white shirt. As if to reinforce and bolster the chic quotient, she added a literal bevy of pearls and white wrist length kid gloves … and that is chic! *** one last thing, there was even a nod to Cristobal!**

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