Saturday, September 8, 2012

Prabal Gurung.. New York collections Spring 2013

I am not sure how to start this, but when this young man first started, I was a huge supporter anyway I was able to be. I was awestruck by what how he burst upon the scene with such beautiful clothes and now I am nothing more that dumbstruck by what I see season after season … I am not sure what happened. My theory is usually the same for instances such as this and that is it supposes who is whispering in his ear … a reply to that question is impossible from my end. Apart from the very apparent “allusions” to Givenchy and athletic apparel and maybe a hint of McQueen, I can find little that I understand here. Yes, I know the clothes are aimed all the “pretty young things” who populate the “celebrity gossip pages and awards shows of our times but they don’t pay for their clothes and so my question is who is wearing these clothes and where? The piling on of details surely appears heavy handed while the, by now, his usage of feathers is surely firmly implanted into this collection. I know that, as a “critic,” I am not supposed to be concerned about the retail price of the clothes but these pieces have to be heinously expensive due to the amount of workmanship that each style commands during construction. I keep going back to my question of “why?” I really want to know where the talent that was so apparent at the start is. Why has it been channeled in this current incarnation? Can it rally be ego drive? Stylist driven? How long can it go on in this manner? There is so much of the moment that one wonders what happens when one does buy these clothes… are they one shot wonders and then off to the resale store as, certainly, they cannot be considered classics on any level.

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