Thursday, September 13, 2012

Norman Ambrose Spring 2013 New York Collections

The subject: Norman Ambrose Spring 2013.  The game: word association.  Here are the words that come to mind after having seen this presentation yesterday at the Verdura salon high above Fifth Avenue.  Impeccable, flawless, distinctive, colorful, sleek, soigne, raffine, urbane, ageless, modern, rich and light and that’s just for starters …..

Mr. Ambrose has a touch which is profoundly demonstrated in how his clothes fit and how they are perceived by the observer.  For example, if they are tailored then they are razor sharp, if they are soft then they are as fluid and as flowing as a liquid and if they are embellished, then they are excruciatingly gorgeously done without ever being garish or heavy handed.  The color palette is pitch perfect for Spring/Summer and once again, never out of control.

The appeal is for those who have knowledge of what it means to wear couture like quality as well as the confidence in knowing that they wear the best.  The fabrics are always suited to the season as are the silhouettes, which remain classic and offer more than a fleeting nod to the most modern of shapes.  There is a delicacy that these clothes exude that is rarely found at this level of design; the only designer I see as a just comparison is Ralph Rucci.  You may find that odd but both of these men are deeply dedicated to their craft in ways that most designers will never attain.  Both designers are intimately involved in the design process as so few are in today’s world of fashion.  Both designers demand a level of perfection that is almost absent in today’s fashion climate and most certainly in the United States.

The photographs will only be able to tell part of the story as not even a camera can capture the delicacy and quality of these pieces.  The collection is for those who are not seeking the klieg light entrance but they are the ones who will be noticed with those recurring glances that admire and envy the wearer!  I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the chalk embroidery, the turquoise embellishments, the feathers, the beading, the stitching and even the press of these clothes.  These are the clothes that silently scream!

Have a look and all comments are welcome as usual … please know that Norman Ambrose is a force to be reckoned with… maybe not today, but he will rise to the top sooner than later after all the flavors of the week have vanished and been forgotten from the fashion landscape.

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