Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Donna Karan Spring 2013.. New York Collections

I guess the only way to explain the show is this... if it’s spring it must be origami time. Ms. Karan has a decided cycle she observes or maybe unwittingly observes with the change of each season. For spring summer, history undoubtedly repeats itself as evidenced in this current collection. The clothes are clumsy, bland in color and generally void of any softness or “hanger appeal.” Last tie around was her African inspired prints which in my memory suffer from the same silhouette disease as the current pieces. What I find most disturbing is that Ms. Karan is no stranger to softness nor does she have any problem cutting the sharpest of tailored pieces. She is as familiar with e the hard edge as she is with eh soft drapy side of any collection: they why does this happen? Have a look at the slideshow.. enlighten me … P.S. the only reasoning I can figure is that the collection looks the way Donna dresses these days so it is entirely for her benefit or created in her own image.

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