Thursday, September 27, 2012

Balenciaga by Nicholas Ghesquiere Spring 2013 Paris Collections

I feel like there must be something wrong, maybe I drank the Kool-Aid! How can it be that I really liked the Balenciaga collection for Spring 2013? I have NOT liked it so many times that I am now confused and a bit disturbed by this feeling.

Mr. Ghesquiere sent out an amazing collection that seems to be at odds with so many of his past collections for the brand. Previously, the clothes were technical wonders of construction and fabrication while having little or nothing to do with real life. Please don’t think I have lost sight of what fashion is and why we utilize fashion shows as a selling tool. Apparently, Mr. Ghesquiere has swallowed a bit of Kool-Aid and produced a collection that is head and shoulders above many of his past ones as this actually looks like it would sell and that people can wear it in the streets … in real life... not the life described in show notes. And not look like some fashion freak/victim. Now, let me say the dirty word that I can never remember using to describe any of the Ghesquiere/ Balenciaga collections … SEXY!
I loved the “flamenco skirts, the scarf skirts, the combinations of these with the very hard edged with soft and the Chanel-ish suits, the very constructed suits as well and they all may be signaling a change at the house. The palette decidedly Spring like and the lack of patterns and trickery very refreshing instead of the in your face combinations and machinations of the past. It occurred to me that this was the first time in many years that I had not noticed the shoes which, in the past, had been some sort of technical masterpiece while defying the limits of gravity and one’s balance.
Some might look at this collection as a sign that Mr. Ghesquiere has sold out or maybe he has grown up or maybe still, the moment has come to sell clothes rather than provide subjects for pretty pictures! No matter the reason, I will take this kind of fashion anytime, any day over the absurdity of clothes that adhere to some arcane blah blah blah and seem to be produced merely for the sake of editorial pages.

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