Monday, September 17, 2012

Temperley London ... London Spring 2013 Collectionss

Well, here is another of the D of C’s faves and this time, the focus is on Alice Temperley of Temperley of London.  Ms. Temperley has made a reputation for herself designing beautiful dresses for woman of all ages.  Her collections usually feature embellished designs yet remain very tasteful and rarely if ever over the top.

This season, I am torn between thinking this is about the “bee keeper” or possibly an Asian influence due to the “coolie” hat which was so prevalent during this show.  Whichever and whatever the inspirations or references, the Spring grouping once again strikes a note for pretty beautiful clothes.  Many of the looks were of the more fitted top and full skirt variety, but saying that they were influenced by Dior’s new look seems to stretch the thread a tad thin.. Don’t you think?  There is so very little if anything that has a retro vibe to it since the collection is apparently very modern.

Standouts included the all-white day pieces and the long vibrant colored languid pieces.  One thing worth noting is that there is a distinct restraint in the lack of embellishments and embroideries which have become a part of the Temperley DNA.  The prevalence of white was welcomed here as was the wonderful ice blue with the occasional palest of grey.  There is an ageless quality here and for sure there are many styles that will find their way into the closet of said Duchess.

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