Saturday, September 15, 2012

Julien Macdonald London Collections Spring 2013

We are in LONDON!  Let the European  Collections begin for Spring 2013

Well, how can you not love someone who is in your face with what he does!  Mr. Macdonald eschewed his “knitting needles’ this season and went after “hot” hot.  As in steamy, sexy, hot as clothes can get.  After having lived through New York Fashion Week, what a treat it is to see a designer veer off his usual course and do it with great result.

The dresses, short or long, are about as sexy as they can get; some a tad over the top but hey, there are collections that profess to be even sexier than this.  Mr. Macdonald shows off his design chops with a selection of shapes, silhouettes and techniques.  For those rabid Macdonald fans, there are still some knits and yes, they are as sexy as the cut and sew styles.

Not that it really matter what the inspiration is for this collection but it was Sharon Stone and Ms. Stone should be honored to be thought of as eternally sexy even if occasionally a bit overt.  Then again, she certainly understands the in your face aspect of hot... pun intended!

P.S.  Mr. Macdonald falls into the rare category of designers who design and don’t adapt and adopt.  He is to be congratulated as the basic concept of designers who design has been lost in recent years, especially in the States while overseas the tendency is to knock off oneself from previous seasons.  Good bad or indifferent, I would much rather see a collection that demonstrates a designer’s capabilities rather than a collection which resembles another’s body of work.

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