Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Marc Jacobs Spring 2013 New York Collections

The emperor’s new clothes have arrived for Spring 2013. This time around Mr. Jacobs saw fit to revisit the 60’s … again and Edie Sedgwick … again sans her big earrings, cigarette nor her swagger. I will admit that this season there are a few pieces that I might even say “I like” but that hardly makes a collection. One review I read called him a genius and I say yes he is that as he is able to present a themed pile of clothes that have no relevance to anything relating to present life and garner rave reviews due to his place in the hierarchy of fashion. Explain to me what the extremely graphic nature of the collection is not referenced to the Pop Art movement of the times nor does it give a nod to Rudi Gernreich who is clearly alluded to. The genesis of the collection certainly could have been spun into a richer cast of characters rather than a single drug addled young woman whose star shone for a nano second of that era. Yes, I understand that the hip slung skirts are runway propaganda but even if they are raised up to a waist, the clothes appear dowdy rather than fashionable. As for all the “t’s” I say a big so what! I guess he does deserve an award for making a couple of leopard print pieces look dowdy. So much of this will make great fodder for H&M and Forever 21 so I guess there really are people who will love this collection other than the blindly faithful or those who have been absorbed in the blah blh blah that is Marc Jacobs’ signature.

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