Thursday, September 13, 2012

Rachel Zoe Spring 2013 New York Collections

How disturbing and eerie  is it that a “designer” would hire “girls” who look  like her then style them to reinforce the idea and then present another pile of clothes that have absolutely no originality and no personality other than said designer ! Whoooooooooooooooooo.

That being said, let’s talk Rachel Zoe Spring 2013 and its lack of distinction and judging by the rumors floating about, soon to be sold at Kohls and JC Penny due to poor retail sell throughs.  It is at this time that I am compelled to remind everyone that if clothes don’t sell at retail they are worthless as their lifespan is shortened by each season of poor sales.

Let’s go back to the totally bizarre styling for the show that presents multiple versions of Ms. Zoe, as if that was a paragon of good taste or beauty.  I guess one needs a distraction from the clothes when there is nothing to discuss about the clothes due to their generic nature and tired retro design which can wear thin season after season.

My take is that everyone thought they could cash in on the television aspect of her and found out that, at top tier prices, she doesn’t have the audience they thought... Sealing the deal for a hasty departure and subjugated to the lower portion of the retail totem pole.

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