Monday, September 24, 2012

Dolce - Gabbana Spriing 2013 Milan Collections

Been there, done that and here we are back in Sicily one more time.  These 2 know a lot about beating a theme to death and today was just another example of their perseverance when it comes to recalling their beloved Sicily.
From the opening exit I had the feeling I had already taken this vacation or maybe it was I had already seen this movie in black and white but there was a distinct gnawing feeling of this being a second or third time around.  The almost photo centric prints were more colorful, the subject more populated with figures but the postcard like feeling was very familiar and maybe it has become part of the DNA for Dolce & Gabbana.
A saving grace for this duo is that they have a sense of humor and playfulness that prevents anyone from taking this all too seriously but … one has to know when to say enough … not that restraint is a word in their vocabulary.  The boys even managed to get in the raffia and basket weaving from the area; some tongue in cheek and some exquisitely embellished.
I understand the prints, the raffia and the colors but what I don’t get is the striped group, the silhouettes and the profusion of repetitive type prints.  I understand that Spring is not a season to flex one’s tailoring skills for ladies but there was none and doesn’t one think that a retail client will only buy one piece maybe 2 from all these prints so what’s the point of it other than shock value.  For me this is a case of shooting oneself in the foot by presenting an over the top collection which certainly lacked any commercial appeal and went for the jugular of media coverage!

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