Thursday, September 20, 2012

Prada Spring 2013 Milan Collections

Nothing says spring like mink and broadtail!  Nothing speaks to Prada more than heinous, artisanal, loving hands at home, clumsy clothes with arcane inspirations.  Lastly Miuccia Prada certainly never met a woman who she did not loathe nor wasn’t intent on making her as much of an eyesore as possible.  This would be a short capsule analysis of yet one more Prada collection for women.  (it all reflects back to her own words .. “my fashion is not about pretty ladies in pretty clothes!”)

Apparently Ms. Prada would rather eat ramen as opposed to pasta, so to speak and with each new collection she gets closer to a stricter diet of Rei and Yohji and Junya.  Presently, she has even breached the sanctity of her precious cash cow and turned out hideous shoes and handbags.  The flowered extravaganza will be fabulous at H&M and Forever 21 and I am sure they must be ecstatic over the mediocrity of it all.  No matter what he blah blah blah of this collection might be, there is nothing to justify what elicits such a visceral reaction due to its over the top brand of ugly.  Maybe Tavi will like it; that’s certain to be a ringing endorsement for a brand that needs to sell clothes in its skeinteen shops around the world.

I am mystified by the soft press hems on some garments as well as the odd proportions in others.  I am a bit appalled by the camel toe moments that Ms. Prada provided for her audience with her onesies and hot pants or as I like to call them as old man jockey shorts aka “gotkahs.”  She must be full of self-hate, rage and rebellion to turn out a collection like this one but she has certainly turned the corner and decided that her brand of ugly is just beautiful as collections with this kind of esthetic have become the norm.

Think of it as the 4H club

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