Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Blonds Spring 2013 New York Collections

Having been fortunate to witness this show from a front row perch, I can honestly say that there are no shows like this to be found during any fashion week.  The Blonds are a rarity as they are not as concerned about selling to Saks Fifth Avenue as they are about striking a vein within so many areas of the entertainment business.

This being said, these two always give a balls out presentation that really does defy anyone’s knowledge of construction and design.  The reality is simply that the collection is corset based but they certainly aren’t anything like you ever imagine.  This season was a beach blonde theme came complete with garments made from floral bathing caps from my childhood and latex  as well as pearl and shell encrusted bustiers of unrivaled embellishment.  The duo has expanded their vision to include a few men’s pieces as well as some simpler less adorned pieces of the cut and sew variety.

Aside from the jaw dropping clothes, the Louboutin  shoes and the show itself, it is the audience
that is as stellar as the presentation  as it  is unlike any fashion show audience you will ever share fashion with anywhere in the world.  The photos tell the story and let it be known that I am honored and privileged every season to be able to partake in their fashion events.

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