Thursday, September 13, 2012

Michael Kors Spring 2013 New York Collections

One must marvel as to the reason why these clothes look so fabulous, fresh and clean.  One might suppose that there is no pretension here, no blah blah blah, just good wearable appealing clothes for  both men and women.  Mr. Kors needn’t set the world on fire as his client base is not about the of the moment length or look, they are all about great looking clothes, simple clean lines and great colors.

Mr. Kors delivers almost every single season and that might explain why his IPO has been so successful.  He does not set out to reinvent the wheel every season , he sets out with a mission which is how can I make my clients, men and women, want more of my clothes?  Well this collection answers all of the points mentioned and then some.

There is no  reason for me to wax on about the amazing collection so rather than me blabbing on and on have a look at what fashionable, salable, wearable, appealing clothes look like!

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