Saturday, September 8, 2012

Sally LaPointe .. Spring 2013 New York collections

From the very first time I laid eyes on a collection by Sally LaPointe, I was convinced there was a lot more than what was on the runway. My eyes went to the make of these clothes and the flawless finishing that was presented for all to see but I am sure most were looking at the total image and not the refined workmanship that had caught my attention. That being said, Ms. LaPointe has evolved her design ethic and slowly but surely come into her own with this collection and I predict that this will be the collection that puts her over the top as she enters the world of commercially viable fashion. This is by means meant to lead you to believe that the clothes have lost their edge … never happen; what it does mean is that she has found that point where her philosophy and her being able to sell to top tier retailers have finally found their common ground. There is purity, modernity and devoid of any “flou.” Look at the clothes carefully and examine what you see from every point of view… her signature laser sharp tailoring, leathers and jersey are all in attendance. P.S. can you see the “Zoranish” elements and even the Beene references?

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