Thursday, June 26, 2014

Balmain ... spring 2015 ... men's

Even though I am the one who beats the drum about salable and commercial and al that rational stuff, I too can carried away when I see fabulous. When I saw Balmain spring 2015, I realized this collection is just all about pieces and special pieces and fabulous pieces and show pieces that require no explanation other than their presence.

One cannot overlook  the graphic element of the collection nor can one overlook the literal sportswear influences but what is astounding is the beadwork that is used in quite  a few of these pieces. Granted, I am 99% positive that they are more than stratospherically expensive but so what! They are beyond description and what strikes me is the Native American influences I see in them. Olivier Rousteing has clearly put his imprimatur on this label that started out in in its reincarnation as a collection of lacerated jeans and jackets. .. All wildly dear in price.

Simply said, Monsieur Rousteing knows no boundaries and has a distinct vision for the brand. He is a designer who designs! He is talented beyond his years and whether or not these clothes enjoy any sort of commercial success is questionable BUT what a visual feast for those who know what they see!
Without question this is all about the young, very rich, uber hip, bells and whistles and rock n roll crowd! These are not the clothes of brokers and hedgies even though they are most likely the ones who could afford them. Of nothing else it is a pleasure to look at clothes that possess a justifiable lust and covet factor for a particular audience and not just some more of “me too” looks that bear a particular label.

With all this said, these clothes appear to be impeccably made with amazing workmanship that is rarely seen in ready to wear for men or women and for that I say BRAVO.

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