Thursday, June 5, 2014

Wang's World ..Balenciaga & Alexander Wang Resort 2015

From the Urban Dictionary
a)     A very common Chinese surname
b) An ancient brand of computer systems
b) Penis, see dong, schlong, dork, johnson
, cock, prick, dick

Well, now that didn’t take long did it? Now instead of having 2 distinct collections we have one long boring contemporary sportswear collection … 50% based in Paris under the Balenciaga name and the other half as his eponymous line based in New York. 

In another case of “thank god for press releases!” we are afforded the one more opportunity to see if we buy into the blah blah that the Balenciaga collection bears any thread of relation to the namesake and .. Well... then there is Wang in NY and that’s just more of the same. One day, someday, designers and their PR flacks will understand that just because a designer says it doesn’t make it so.

Frankly, if the Alexander Wang suddenly ceased to exist, the world of fashion would be no less for it and NOW, sadly, the same fate might be the final destination of Balenciaga. My, my how the fashion world keeps devolving into a sea of sameness and how the mediocre toadying press keeps lauding them  so they can keep their jobs.

Alas, a little birdie told me that the Alexander Wang collection is suffering thru another no sell through season at one of the US’ primo retail chains and that is prompting the extreme action of RTV rather than just the usual M O of markdown money. Fasten your seatbelts Kering; the same fate will fall upon Balenciaga unless you give a customer a reason to buy it and find a designer to design it the way it should be done. Someone... anyone... needs to wake up and see that the retail customer who supports these collections is not 20 something and built like Joan Smalls and wants to look like a cross between an unmade bed and a ghetto girl.

Normally, I might hope that an object lesson is waiting in the wings, but given the spate of age inappropriate collections created by talentless wunderkinds, I am afraid that the entire retail network might come to a crashing halt. 

And in one more, well maybe now 2 more cases... hype doesn’t sell clothes... good clothes that are well designed and deserve to carry the brand name are the clothes that sell ….. See above definition!

PS .. for once my lack of attention toward the actual collections (clothes)  is due to my inability to verbalize any raison d’etre for them.

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