Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Alexander McQueen resort 2015

The question of the day is simple “Do you speak McQueen?”

With that question one can answer with a simple yes or no and having said yes you can go on to decipher the clarity and fluency with which Sarah Burton speaks using the vocabulary of Alexander McQueen. Please note that she has expanding this vocabulary in the most seamless f ways as she have never lost sight of whose name is on that label.

Okay, now that’s out of the way let’s get down to it and that Resort 2015. There are segments that are reminiscent of times gone by (F/W 2009) such as the graphic hounds tooth/plaid pattern and the latest incarnation as in the floral all over patterning that is meticulously and painstakingly rendered to look as if printed from a distance. As for the leathers, I always have hard time with them even if they are laser sharp in silhouette and laser cut. They always seem so 2 dimensional to my eye. Then there are the graphic furs which unfortunately remind me way too much of Prada. I hope against hope that this reference is totally by accident rather than intentional.

Overall, give all the parameters that are considered in designing a collection like this, Alexander McQueen is very client friendly and again... OMG ... that word … commercial! Or even worse … salable! That being said, Ms. Burton deftly combines both wear it now and true early spring with a lovely DNA friendly collection. Please take note that in comparison to past seasons, this season is rather spare with minimal if any accessories and even the usually outrageous shoes have been toned down substantially.

Okay so for those us who can remember this reference... I’ll give it a 90... easy to looks at, not too difficult to wear, some great dresses and details that even Mr. McQueen might be proud of!

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