Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Marc Jacobs Resort 2015

There are a couple of things that struck me first before I can really think about the clothes and they are that the models all wore hose... you remember that item ... like pantyhose ... those transparent things that encircle the legs and then that the shoes were matchy matchy which I find to be a vast improvement over leather shoes with a gown or cocktail dress or some fat heeled platform trendoid apparition. There is a PS here and that is the shoes are all un- platformed and some even open toed with hose... trend?? .. Error??? 

There were a variety of lengths from mini to hair grazing to just so ugly and so short that to be useless if you do anything other than walk bolt upright. Then there were the prints which range from somewhat attractive to downright unappealing. The palette seems to conform with what we used to call Holiday or the dressy section of Holiday/Resort but why would anyone care as that’s just the origin and history of it and we only need to know what happened yesterday! ..Ask any FIERCE fashion critic!

Now, there is some sort of odd Edie Sedgwick vive and then there is some odd and often clumsy bow decoration a la Mabille which is especially unappealing in the fur pieces and one must admit that Mabille surely has a more delicate hand with them. What did however spark my interest was a momentary reference, intentional or not to Marc’s Jonathan Hitchcock days... oh you say you don’t know who that is well google it and learn something! NOTE the oversized black AND sweaters with large “diamantes” sewn on.

While the collection may be a bit more commercial than usual, I am not quite sure what retailers will do for new looks once New Years is over on January 2!

OH.. can we talk about pigeon toed??

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