Wednesday, June 4, 2014

GUCCI ... resort 2015

What to say, what to say??? I guess I can say WTF or what is she smoking or maybe even have you stopped taking your meds? Apparently Signorina Giannini is showing one of her schizophrenic sides with this waste of a collection.

One cannot really even begin to discuss what was called low rise sailor pants when firstly, the description is an oxymoron as sailor pants are high waisted and most flattering that way and to say these are low slung is to say New York is a cute town. The pants are PURE 100% G H E T T O! This is not a racist or racial slur this is a statement of truth as seen with my own eyes on the streets of NYC.

Yes the pastel tailored pea coats, dresses and separates are pretty  but overall this is a who cares and a what for collection that will surely stay on the racks well into its life span.

Then we speak of the ugly shoes with the horse bit hardware and the Prada-fying of a good part of the collection when it comes to prints, silhouette, coloration, styling and embellishment. You would think Frida could find other inspirations and move on from Miuccia. The overuse of python is really overkill and the odd tongued half boot is rather clumsy. What should be a runaway hit will be the metallic loafers and maybe even the Gucci version of the Birkin although you would think the design team could be more original.

What is most shocking is that why would “ you “ step away from a very beautiful and positively received Fall collection and delve into the territory of fashion for fashion sake and even worse fashion of the derivative nature. You really gotta get it together girlina!

PS ..the evening pieces were just beautiful!

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